Normal Aircon Servicing

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Aircon Servicing

Living in a country that has a tropical climate almost year-round, you start to realize the importance of air conditioning. Not only does it keep you cool, it can reduce the humidity in the room up to 91%. This way it leaves you feeling comfotable and happy.

Almost like a double-edged sword, it requires regular maintenance for it to have optimal performance. The best thing? It's affordable and does not take too much time!

The following scope is what will be covered during the general aircon servicing:

  • Turning on your aircon to check for abnormal sounds during operation.
  • Checking of electrical connections to the unit to ensure no possible danger is left unattended
  • Cleaning of the unit's covers, panels, filters to rid of surface dust.
  • Brushing/removal of the blower to thoroughly clean excess dust/mould accumulated.
  • Checking of system gas levels.
  • Vacuum/wiping down of evaporator coils in the unit to remove any loose dust caught in between. 

  • Vacuum drainage pipe to clear jelly/chokage present that may cause water leakage if left unattended and accumulated. 

  • Cleaning of water tray and testing of water flow. 

  • Provide system commissioning and test run

    All in all, every component has been covered during the servicing to allow your air conditioning system is always running well and healthy to provide you with a continuous supply of cool/clean air whenever needed!


Chemical Overhaul

As air conditioning systems undergo regular servicing, there are times where they require a chemical overhaul.

A chemical overhaul removes all dust/dirt/mould that has been lodging in your evaporator coils or jelly in your rear water tray that will affect the coolness supplied. At times it becomes so bad that you can even hear the uneven airflow from your unit.

The following scope is what will be covered during the chemical overhaul servicing:

  • Turning on your aircon to observe for any abnormalities/sounds
  • Ensure all systems have gas running through them and providing cool air.
  • A technician will proceed to the outdoor unit to do “pump-down” which means to stop refrigerant flow into the indoor units and to allow the remaining refrigerant to go back into the compressor.
  • After pump-down has been done, the main switch will be turned off.
  • The connection joint between the aircon and pipings will be disconnected and the drainage pipe will be vacuumed.
  • Removal of the fan cover, filter, and panels.
  • Dismantling of the unit until the indoor PCB, indoor fan motor, water tray, and blower are all separated.
  • We will rinse the evaporator coil, blower, and water tray to remove any loose dirt.
  • Using a strong Alkaline chemical solution, upon reaction with water will penetrate the evaporator coil to purge out any dirt that has been collecting inside along with the blower and water tray.
  • After waiting for a while for the chemical solution to works its wonders, it will be flushed out with water and ensured that no residual chemical solution remains on any of the parts.
  • Use a handheld blower to blow off all excess water and to wipe down dry with a cloth.
  • Ensure that no remaining moisture/water is in contact with electrical components (PCB, indoor fan motor)
  • The individual parts are installed back and re-mounted on the wall with checking done to the flare joint to observe any poor connection lest a gas leak.
  • Upon mounting of all units, to release the gas back into the system and turn on the main switch after re-confirming all electrical wires are properly connected.
  • Enable operation of the units 1 by 1 to provide faster coolness.
  • Provide system commissioning and test run. 

With that, a chemical overhaul will be more expensive than a general servicing based on the thoroughness of the service. Usually, when this is done, you will feel an obvious difference before and after the chemical overhaul (coolness, smoother & quieter airflow).

Ensuring the chemical overhaul process is done correctly is of paramount importance as your unit can become corroded due to the residual chemical solution or may start to leak if the flare joint is not properly connected.

Our Pricing

As we are not GST registered, all prices are nett and include labour and transportation cost.

Ad-Hoc (One time) services

1 Fan Coil Unit - $50

2 Fan Coil Units and above -  $35/fcu

Aircon servicing contract

1 year 3 times servicing contract: 1 year 4 times servicing contract:
2-4 Fan Coil Units - $30/fcu 2 Fan Coil Units - $30/fcu
5-10 Fan Coil Units - $28/fcu 3 Fan Coil Units and above - $25/fcu
Aircon Chemical Overhaul prices

Subjected to the type of aircon and cooling capacity of your aircon

Aircon gas top up prices

R22 - $80-$120

R410 - $120-$150

Aircon repair prices

Subjected to spare part cost and labour required, do message or chat with us so we can advise and quote you accurately.

We do bulk pricings for large quantities for both Ad-Hoc and servicing contracts as well, do whatsapp/message us to find out more.

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